Save the Date! 6 October, Stockholm

#8 The Placeholder Issue

SO MINT! Spá Nails by Nanna Due


SO MINT! Coral Wanshan Huang

Chopsticks and Alligator Clips

SO MINT! dig in by Lilli Malou Weinhold

Collectively Cool An Interview with Extranalities

A Hologram of a Diamond

Solar Plexus Pressure Belt™

SAVE THE DATE! Undisciplined. Crafting Conversations: Textile Edition

SO MINT! Breathing Universe 0.5 by Hyewon Jeong

Madcap Crafting with Claire McArdle

SO MINT! Mystery of Matter and Magic of Presence by Miriam Johannesson

SO MINT! Drip Too Lagom: En Svensk Fucking Flex by Douglas Tillberg

Interview with Kathy-Ann Tan

The Many Faces of BEZALEL

GEM Z Join the Social Club